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AlphaBrook Voice-of-Government Report Created for Public Purchase

Companies Purchasing This Report:

  •  Companies Pursuing USPTO SDI-NG2
  •  Companies Tracking USPTO SDI-NG Expiring Task Orders and Pursuing Recompeted Task Orders
  •  USPTO SDI-NG Prime Vendors and Subcontractors
  •  Companies seeking to subcontract on USPTO SDI-NG2 Task Orders

USPTO Software Development and Integration Next Generation 2 (SDI-NG2) Vehicle Intel and Upcoming Task Orders Report

Section 1 | 9 pages with direct verbal feedback (including quoted information) from government executives (contact information included) on USPTO SDI-NG2 at the vehicle level in the following areas: 

  • Incumbency Performance as Assessed by Key Government Decision-Makers
  • Government Customer Hot Buttons and Pain Points Influencing the Program Obtained through Verbal Interviews
  • Unique Insights Obtained via USPTO Stakeholders Regarding Agency Satisfaction with the SDI-NG Vehicle
  • Direct Government Feedback About Customer Concerns Regarding the Transition to SDI-NG2
  • Top Utilized Incumbent Contractors Identified
  • Subcontractors Supporting Incumbent Firms
  • Key Government Customer Points of Contact
  • Anticipated Acquisition Strategy Shared by USPTO Stakeholders
  • Acquisition Timeline Anticipated by SDI-NG2 Decision-Makers

Section 2 | Identification of high-value imminent USPTO SDI-NG2 vehicle task orders expected for release in the next 12 months We have identified over 35 task orders expiring in the next 12 months, worth a combined total of over $140M.

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AlphaBrook BDI Voice-of-Government Solution

AlphaBrook is the industry leader in providing Business Development Intelligence (BDI) sourced from the voice of your customer prospects. Through our Voice-of-Government (VoG) solution, we obtain all of our intel by speaking directly with government program decision makers and buyers, providing best-in-class detail, accuracy, and speed. We currently support thousands of corporate and business development executives across industry to provide qualitative and actionable market intelligence.

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