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  •  Companies Pursuing NOAA NMITS
  •  Companies Tracking NOAALink Expiring Task Orders and Pursuing Recompeted Task Orders
  •  NOAALink Prime Vendors and Subcontractors
  •  Companies seeking to subcontract on NOAA NMITS Task Orders

DOC National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Mission Information Technology Services (NMITS) Intel and Upcoming Task Orders Report

Section 1 | Direct verbal feedback (including quoted information) from government executives (contact information included) on NOAA NMITS at the vehicle level in the following areas: 

  • Direct Government Feedback from Customer Regarding Satisfaction with Incumbent (NOAALink) Contracts
  • Number of Awardees Anticipated Communicated by Government During Verbal Interviews
  • Shared Scope Changes Anticipated by Program Customer
  • Unique Insights from Government About Plans for Task Order Transition
  • Key Government Customer Points of Contact
  • Detailed Acquisition Strategy and Timeline Received from NOAA Executives
  • Industry Day Information Obtained from NMITS Stakeholders
  • Plans Communicated by Stakeholders for NOAA NMITS On-Ramp After Initial Award

Section 2 | Identification of high-value imminent NOAA NMITS vehicle task orders expected for release in the next 30 months We have identified over 35 imminent task orders expected in the next 30 months with a ceiling value of at least $1M, for a combined total of $321M.

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