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AlphaBrook Voice-of-Government Report Created for Public Purchase

Companies Purchasing This Report:

  •  Companies Pursuing Alliant or Alliant 2 Task Orders
  •  Alliant or Alliant 2 Incumbents
  •  Companies seeking to subcontract on Alliant 2 Task Orders
  •  Companies interested in providing support services through Alliant or Alliant 2 for Alliant top customers, such as Air Force, DOD, Army, Navy, and GSA.
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Alliant 2 Unrestricted Upcoming Task Orders Report 

This entire report represents 70 hours of research and interviews with Alliant and Alliant 2 program and procurement buyers across three sections to identify upcoming task orders and provide deep-dive interview analysis into 8 specific task orders of interest.

Section 1 | Government Executive Insights on Transition to Alliant 2 We have obtained direct verbal feedback from key government customers on the transition from Alliant to Alliant 2, including which Alliant task orders will be recompeted through Alliant 2 or remain on the Alliant vehicle for their next iteration.

Section 2 | Identification of Over 150 Imminent Alliant 2 Task Orders Scheduled for Release We have identified over 150 Alliant task orders that are expected for recompete via Alliant or Alliant 2 over the next 30 months, with a cumulative value over $12.7B. Understanding the timing and order of TO release is imperative for developing realistic ROI expectations to justify all of your on-ramp bid and proposal time and expenses. Additionally, knowing which task orders are coming out next, along with their corresponding agencies, allows you to tailor your on-ramp approach and solutions to satisfy Alliant or Alliant 2 customer needs.

Section 3 | In-depth Interviews on 8 high-value upcoming Alliant 2 Task Orders We have conducted deep-dive research and interviews with Alliant/ Alliant 2 government program customers on 8 of these upcoming 150+ task orders to obtain detailed verbal feedback (with quotes and sources included). These 8 task orders were chosen based on their attractive contract values, diversity of customer agencies, and likelihood of imminent task order release. We spoke with actual program and procurement decision-makers and buyers for each of these 8 task orders across the following customers: GSA, IRS, DOS, Army, Navy, USAF, etc. 

Please see the following list of specific details included across each of the task orders: 

  • Detailed government quotes and feedback on existing incumbent contractor performance, insights on their task order environment, task order customer challenges and pain points, acquisition strategy, and more.
  • Key government program points of contact influencing each of the eight expiring and upcoming Alliant and Alliant 2 task orders.
  • Specific contract detail for task orders on: Task Order (TO) Title, TO Spend, TO Number, TO Scope, Contract Number, Contract Value, Incumbent Contractor, Contract Expiration Date, Anticipated RFP Release, Agency Customer, and more. 

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